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The winery

On the right bank of the Cher river, in the locality of "Villalin", five generations of winemaker grew up in the family since 1806.


Today, the winery covers 8,2 Ha of Sauvignon and 1 Ha of Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris and continue to grape harvest traditionnaly by hands.

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Maryline and Jean-Jacques Smith took over the winery in 1997 after the grand-father Georges Etave who, until the end, worked the vines with the help of animals. 

In addition to being winemakers, Maryline et JeanJacques raise great black donkeys of Berry, an animal they particularly love because of his strong belonging to the Berry county.

Berrichons in love with their region, they honnor their donkeys at least once in a year during the grape harvest, continuing the tradition of grape harvesting by hands along with animals. 

  The Villalin Winery values a lot the traditional wine knowledge used since generations in the region and seek to maintain the quality and the control that generated the fame and the status of Quincy. They then insist very much on continuing to grape harvest by hands and to produce a wine the most authentic and respectful as possible.


  They also created their cuvĂ©e Anastasie which is neither filtered nor fined, as was the wine not such a long time ago, to get closer to the vintages of the past.

  Further in this direction, Maryline et Jean-Jacques currently try to revive an ancient variety of grape of the Berry county : the Genouillet.

This variety used to be the major variety present on the Quincy vineyard before the phylloxera crisis. Its desappearance is due to the influx of other hybrid vines more productive and less susceptible to disease.

Found back in the 80s in a vineyard next to Issoudun, it was multiplied and replanted in the conservatory vineyard of Tranzault, which then helped to engraft the 150 vines of the experimentation planted in 2005 on the Villalin Winery. 

After few years of experimentation, 2012 will be the first time the Genouillet will be comercialized by the winery.

  In 2011, the Genouillet was tasted at the Euro Gusto of SlowFood, in Tours.